Let us design and build your custom furniture item in Greensboro, NC

Every Custom Piece Comes With a Story

Do you love furniture that has a story behind it? At Kerf & Burled, we breathe new life into reclaimed wood and other materials to create custom furniture for your space. Our goal is to design and build pieces your family will love for generations to come and create unique conversation pieces for your customers. For seven years, our owner has designed and built custom furniture for homes, offices and restaurants nationwide. He began selling furniture two years ago, and the response among customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

the Owner of Kerf & Burled

the Owner of Kerf & Burled

What Inspired Andrew?

“In a world of over-seas boxed furniture and the "if it breaks, throw it away" mentality, I was fed up with the constant fixing of cheaply made products. With a life long passion of building furniture and the determination of creating a lasting piece, Kerf & Burled was started. Not only to do what I love, but to change the mundane furniture buying process all together. By incorporating the client in every step, from initial design and all the way through the build process, I am creating not only a lasting piece of furniture but a memorable customer experience. Taking it one step further, and to ensure the best quality and to support USA, all products created are made with hand-selected and locally sourced materials.”